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Kesher Yisrael believes that every Jew should be given an opportunity for personal meaningful Jewish involvement. We engage, enhance, and promote Jewish identity and values by offering a wide variety of meaningful programs and inspirational classes. We help members of the Greater Toronto Jewish community and beyond connect to their own rich heritage.

Through many educational programs, trips, and formal and experiential learning opportunities, Kesher Yisrael reaches thousands of Jews each year. Under the leadership of Rabbi Leib Irons, we provide a myriad of creative and innovative channels for people to experience the joy and wisdom of a rich and fulfilling Jewish life. Our constituents of all ages and backgrounds learn more about themselves and their unique role in the Jewish People. We provide education, inspiration, and community connection for thousands of families across the spectrum of Jews.


Since Rabbi Leib Irons has arrived in Toronto in 2009, he has introduced many innovative programs for the entire community such as the Friday Night Lively program for young families at the JCC where hundreds of families welcome Shabbat together. Rabbi Irons was very instrumental in bringing the Shabbat Project to Toronto and together with several others, he fundraised and marketed the original project throughout the GTA, where well over 5000 people participated in formal events and many more participated on their own. Rabbi Irons has also run a popular beginner’s High Holidays at the City Playhouse in Thornhill for many years. He has created numerous city wide learning programs for youth and adults, and has sent hundreds of adults on Israel trips to Israel in partnership with the JWRP and other partners.

In 2018 Rabbi Irons founded Kesher Yisrael as a way of connecting the numerous city wide Jewish growth initiatives and to engage thousands of Jews in the GTA.