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What people are saying

My Shabbat experience was very uplifting. I was inspired to take Judaism to another level, meet and network with similar minded students and young professionals, and connect with a lovely host family. I really enjoyed the guest speakers and Onegs with relevant and useful to my daily life. Overall it was an impactful Shabbat experience and I look forward to the future experiences ahead.

Jakob. G.

The hosts were welcoming and nice. It was a complete Shabbat experience that included prayer services, delicious meals and interesting lessons on Judaism. Additionally, there were many great people to meet and talk with about Judaism as other subjects. Overall this experience enlightened me on what celebrating Shabbat means.


The three families we spent time with were all extremely kind, accommodating, and generous. Conversation was never dull, and I learned a fair bit. I could not ask for more.

Jonathan T.

Wow! Amazing, incredible Shabbat meal and incredible hostess, thank you!

Zohar and Reut 

We were very happy to host a mother and son at our home over Rosh Hashana. They were very appreciative to be close to a synagogue and other hosts for their meals. We made a special connection.

Leeat. S.

We love to meet Jews from all backgrounds and all ages and really enjoy sharing our home and table with others who want to experience the beauty of a festive meal. We have met so many interesting and amazing people over the years each with their own unique story.

Douglas R.

I am very impressed with your work for Kesher Yisrael in the community. I had the chance to meet Rabbi Yoel Gold this past Shabbat, what a surprise to hear that he came in for the Shabbat Project and spoke at the Kehila Centre! He was an incredible speaker, so nice and very interesting to listen to. Keep up the good work!

E. S.

We had a great time meeting new people!

Joanna S.

It was a good experience, had wonderful host families for the meals. I was lucky to sit with Rabbi Kaller for both meals, had amazing speeches that some were very funny and some were heart warming, got to meet new people. Thank you for the opportunity. I'm waiting for the next Shabbaton.

Almog. R.

This trip had an amazing impact on me. Before I went on the trip I didn't belong to a shul and did not feel connected to any Jewish community in my area. This trip allowed me to bond with amazing women living in my area and provide a traditional Jewish home for my family. After I returned I became much more active in the community and even joined the Thornhill Woods shul, we do Shabbat every Friday and I try to attend shul every Saturday. I also attended a number of Torah classes over the year. I also have regular classes with someone from Partners in Torah. I feel so much more connected 'Jewishly' as well as with my community in Thornhill Woods.


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